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Booking your first hearing test: What to expect

27 / 06 / 22

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We understand that having your first hearing test can be an unnerving experience when you don’t know what to expect. Yet, unexpected hearing loss might not always mean you need hearing aids, therefore hearing tests are essential in finding the best solution for you. Here, we have a written guide to help you prepare before your test, and what you can expect during the process – including the results. 


Symptoms of hearing loss  

Before booking a hearing test it can be important to recognise differences in your hearing which are affecting you, and what your concerns are. This information can then be relayed to our audiologists so they can give you their most accurate diagnosis and best solution on the day of your test. Or if you are unsure if you need a hearing test here are some of the main symptoms you should be aware of:


  • Difficulty hearing people in crowded areas 
  • Repeatedly turning up the volume on your devices and television
  • Having to ask others to repeat their words or sentences consistently 
  • Sound becomes muffled or very quiet 


If you find you are struggling with one or more of these symptoms, book or call now for a hearing test. If you have been struggling with your hearing it doesn’t necessarily mean you need hearing aids as it could be a potential blockage of ear wax. Moreover, it can be important to book a test soon otherwise a blockage of ear wax can get worse over time putting your inner ear at risk of infection. 


How to prepare for a hearing test

When preparing for a hearing test you may wish to clean your ears beforehand, but this is entirely optional. If you do wish to clean your ears, we strongly advise that you don’t insert any cotton buds inside and only use them externally on your outer ear. This is because there is a high risk of ear wax being pushed further inside the ear which can then lead to infections and potential blockage.

Instead, we recommend rinsing your ears with warm water and then using a flannel afterwards to dry. It is important to ensure that both your inner and outer ear are both thoroughly dried after you have washed your ears, to prevent any risk of infection.


Another way you can prepare for your hearing test is to read through the hearing tests page found on our website. Here, we have some extra information on the test, so any questions or concerns you have may be answered here.

When preparing on the day of your test you do not need to bring any headphones as they will be provided by our audiologists. 

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Our hearing test process

Our hearing test is straightforward and should only take about an hour of your time. We will begin by ensuring that you feel comfortable and understand the steps taken in the test. Any questions or concerns can be answered during this period so that you feel completely at ease when we begin.


Moreover, we will ask a variety of questions to fully understand your concerns and how your hearing has been affecting you. This will help our audiologists as they conclude your diagnosis, in addition to helping them find the best solution for your hearing.  


The test will begin with a full inspection of your inner and outer ears, our audiologists will view inside the ear to see if there appears to be any blockage. If there appears to be an excessive amount of ear wax inside your ears the audiologist will make note of this as it could be the reason for your loss of hearing yet, a full test will still be permitted. 


Our audiologists will begin by providing you with a pair of headphones and then begin testing you with a variety of different sounds and pitches to see which areas you are struggling with and to what extent. When the test has concluded our audiologists will be able to see the results almost immediately and will share their diagnosis with you. 


What you can expect from the results

Depending on what our audiologists find there is a range of solutions we can offer.

If we find that due to excessive ear wax your hearing is being affected then our audiologist will recommend microsuction removal treatment. This treatment is offered in both of our clinics and is a seamless and painless method of removing ear wax. Here are some of the main benefits: 


  • Microsuction has pinpoint accuracy 
  • Slight tingling sensation but no pain 
  • The suction is only made to be strong enough to remove earwax from the ears (very gentle)
  • Can be offered straight after the test (if needed) 

If the test indicates your hearing is poor but there is no sign of any blockage, the best solution offered would be hearing aids. Although this may be slightly unnerving to begin with, we can find the perfect hearing aid for you. Whether you would prefer something more discreet or are more concerned about the quality of sound we have a large range of hearing aids we can talk you through. Here are some of the benefits when choosing a hearing aid with us: 


  • As an independent audiologist company, we can offer impartial advice on hearing aids giving you the best guidance for you 
  • We have a range of hearing aids at a range of prices so we can find one suitable for you and your needs
  • We constantly keep up with the forever-changing technology of hearing aids so you can be sure of the best quality hearing  

women being consulted about her hearing aid by a professional audiologist

How to book a hearing test

We offer different booking methods for our hearing tests, and it is completely up to preference. We have an online form through our website which you can fill out with your name, email and subject followed by your enquiry. We will aim to get back to you within the same day of this form being sent off.

Or if you prefer to phone us, we always have someone by the phone ready to answer. The numbers for the allocated clinic are listed below:

Solihull: 0121 321 3153

Sutton:  0121 705 7177

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