employee of Sutton Hearing Centre

Reviews from our happy customers

“Thank you Peter, Steven and Charles at Sutton & Solihull Hearing Centres for genuinely caring about me and my hearing. Your regular attention keeps me hearing my family and friends clearly. I tried all the big companies, wish I could have found you guys first – and saved me wasting time and money!”

Ben Cohen MBE, England Rugby World Cup Winner

“Quick thank you, my wife and I are no longer divorcing! Seriously though my career was proving impossible, I was tired, suffered with headaches from straining to hear clients and colleagues. Tinnitus used to drive me to distration. I can now hear family and friends instead of distracting head noises.

TV is now perfect for all at home. Anyone doubting how your work can make a difference to them and their families please give them my personal number; life changing – thank you.”

Ben Foster – Motorcycle Sales Manager

“Dear Mr Syner, thank you for treating my ears today. I feel so much better it’s remarkable – thank you.”

B Rulrone

“Dear Mr Syner, I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the Oticon Digital Hearing Aids that  I purchased recently.

They have improved my quality of life immensely and no more so than at a recent wedding when I was able to hear what everyone was saying again, even in a group situation, and had no sense of being isolated or left out of a conversation.

I would also like to thank you for your clear explanation and supportive approach at each consultation. It was quite a daunting prospect to purchase new hearing aids when previous ones had been unsuccessful and I did appreciate your advice, courtesy and patience.”

P Brown


Prompt appointment service, ear examination followed by removal of wax.
I found them to be very knowledgeable and gave me good advice going forward. I’m very happy with the results and advice. Would use them again.

Scott Archer



“I know that I need hearing aids but what do I do next? I thought I’d Google ‘hearing aids’ – there are 39.9 million results….

The world is deluged by irrelevant information and full of so called experts and I am spoilt for choice. I cant afford the luxury of spending days looking for the right product. What I need more than anything is clarity and not just for my hearing. I’ve come to the conclusion that the key to better hearing is to find the right audiologist and work together to find the best solution for me. The choice of hearing aids is important but in my view secondary.

I have found a real gem in Charles Syner. He takes the time to understand what I need. He runs through the usual tests and I feel that he wants to help me achieve the best hearing I can. He then lets me road test the hearing aids. I provide feedback and he will take this up with the manufacturer and responds and adapts the hearing aids on this basis.

I’ll admit that I have previously purchased hearing aids on the lowest cost basis. It really is a short term gain. Charles quotes an ‘all in’ deal. This means that I can go back to him if I have any fine tuning issues and there is no extra cost. I have tried hearing aids through him and they’ve not worked for me and he’s changed them. / once needed an urgent spare part and he fitted it at his home after hours. Its good old fashioned customer service driven by the customers needs and I highly recommend it!”

Alistair Moore – CIBSE Certified Heat Network Consultant

“Dear Mr Syner, thank you for your help and advice. My hearing aids have made such a difference to my quality of life. I can now hear sounds that previously I was unaware of. I find them comfortable to wear, in fact I forget that I have them in my ears at all. I can’t imagine why I took so long before purchasing them. Thank you again.”

John Griffin


I went for my first hearing test and Charles was wonderful, he is informative and knowledgeable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to friends and family.

Claire Chambers