headphones for hearing tests

Online Hearing Test

With our online hearing test, you can:

  • Learn about your listening abilities
  • Get insights into any hearing challenges
  • Quickly find out if you need to take further action


Hearing Test

Take our five-minute online hearing test

How to get the most out of this test

  • Make sure you are in a quiet area before you start the hearing test
  • Use Headphones instead of built-in speakers and set your device volume to 50%

How the online hearing test works

  • The first part of the test determines how well you can hear at different frequency levels. You will hear a number of tones at different pitches and are asked to adjust the volume until you can hear the sound
  • In the second part of the test, we will ask you a number of questions about your ability to hear in challenging listening situations
  • After that, you will be presented with your hearing test result and guidance on what to do next if we encounter signs of hearing loss
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