Audiologist performing ear wax removal treatment

Ear wax removal

Our friendly team is at hand to provide expert and helpful advice; whether you have had microsuction ear wax removal before or this is your first time, our team will be happy to guide and assist you throughout the treatment. We offer our ear wax removal treatments at both our Sutton and Solihull clinics.

man preparing for ear wax removal

Why do my ears get blocked with ear wax?

Cerumen, more commonly known as ear wax, can cause a myriad of problems if it gets the chance to build up and eventually block your ear canals. Your ears may have an unpleasant blocked up/occluded sensation, you may hear ringing sounds, your hearing aids might start whistling for no reason and/or become intermittent, or you may get temporary hearing loss and might have problems hearing conversations. This can then lead to compacted ear wax trapped in your ear canal.

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ear wax removal - microsuction tool

Why is Microsuction the best way to remove ear wax?

Microsuction is the gold standard of ear wax removal. This small tool is placed inside the ear to gently pick up and vacuum the ear wax from the ear canal, offering a safe, gentle and very effective way of removing ear wax using a soft suction or vacuum. Microsuction is safe for those with perforated eardrums. We offer microsuction ear wax removal at both our Sutton and Solihull clinics.

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Audiologist at Sutton hearing centre preparing to perform ear wax removal

How do I book an ear wax removal appointment?

To book your appointment for ear wax removal by MicroSuction, please call (Sutton Coldfield) 0121 321 ‘3153 or (Solihull) 0121 705 7177.

If you are concerned that you may be suffering from hearing loss you can book a hearing test here. Furthermore, if you would like to take a look at the hearing aids we offer click here. 

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